WEEE Evidence


Once approved, an operator (AATF or AE) can issue evidence notes against the tonnage of WEEE received or exported from the date of approval, through the rest of the compliance period, up to and including 31 January of the following year. Evidence notes, including substitutes, cannot be issued after 31 January.

The amount (tonnage) of evidence notes issued should not at any time exceed the tonnage of WEEE received for treatment or reprocessing, or exported.

Where approval is given to an operator for a number of ATFs, there must be separate auditable records for each site, which will support the evidence, issued.

Completion of evidence notes

Only the operator of the AATF or AE can complete the evidence note

Substitute evidence notes

The operator of the AATF or AE may issue substitute evidence notes when requested by a producer or scheme. No substitution can be made after 31 January for evidence notes issued on WEEE waste received for treatment, recovery and recycling in the previous year.

The aggregate tonnage value of any substitute evidence should not be issued for more than the original note.

The substitute evidence notes should include a reference to link it to the original evidence note.

Duplicate evidence notes

An AATF or AE should hold duplicate copies of evidence notes it has issued, and these should be kept by the approved business and should be made available for inspection by the appropriate authority at all reasonable times.

Management and records

The operator of the AATF or AE should retain records to support the evidence notes issued as specified in Regulations 52 and 53. The records should be kept for at least four years after the record is made. We may audit these records as part of compliance monitoring and assessment of future applications

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