Aerospace & Defence

For well over 10 years, the Ministry of Defence has relied on us to provide efficient and secure disposal of confidential, redundant and obsolete military equipment.

Ministry of Defence

Our responsive on-going relationship with the Ministry of Defence has resulted in an entirely bespoke solution by asset type, from bulletproof vests to aircraft, all processed sensitively with no publicity and full security. We have also provided our client with a specific project manager for each asset type, whose priority is to facilitate the disposal within agreed timescales.

The MOD has benefited from our experienced advice, substantial realisation of value from the disposals and a comprehensive audit trail for each component. We operate an open book policy with full access to our records, as well as twenty-four hour access to all Board members in the event of urgent disposal and recovery situations. These elements combine to offer our client great peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that every detail of their requirement has been carefully considered.

I am the MOD Contract Manager with responsibility for the management of the nationwide scrap metal disposal contract held by Metal & Waste Recycling. In the time that I have managed the contract the Company has always provided the MOD with an excellent service with around 98% of collection requests being completed within the agreed contract timetable. The Company has also been helpful in dealing with some of the more unusual items we have asked them to dispose of on our behalf including the complete Nimrod aircraft fleet, a variety of armoured vehicles, and silver bearing torpedo batteries. They always manage to offer a viable disposal solution with complies with both our security and health & safety requirements.

Nick Head

Disposal Services Authority (Ministry of Defence)
Cooperation with Metal & Waste started in March 2009 when the decision was made to establish and operate a recycling yard at the DRMO Molesworth for the US Forces. A large amount of material needs to be mutilated or demilitarized under surveillance, in accordance with US requirements, at facilities approved by the US Government. For this purpose M&W trained some personnel through the DEMIL course who are appointed as certifiers to participate in the destruction surveillance process. M&W provides containers, material handling equipment and personnel to operate the onsite 8 hours per day. M&W has shown exceptional reliability and responsibility in all fields of operations. Their excellent services are well recognised by the US Forces.

Peter R Wunsch

Project Manager at US Forces Disposal – Logex