Metal & Waste Recycling has many years of experience of working in the Automotive industry. We deal with motor manufacturers directly and also with tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers to the automotive trade.


We have substantial experience in adding value to the whole supply chain, from managing production arisings at source to improving the production process, from improving segregation of metals to secure disposal of prototypes and other sensitive material. We have robust operating systems for ensuring secure and reliable recording and handling of materials to maximise efficiency and maximise returns for our suppliers.

Stadco first commissioned MWR in 2003 to manage 50 tonnes per month from their Welsh plant. Over the last ten years the business has grown to 36,000 tonnes per annum and now operates from five different sites.

As a result of the strength of our relationship with the client we have put into place an infrastructure designed to meet their specific requirements. We now operate twenty-four hour scrap collection on demand. MWR has also provided a project manager and four operatives who work within the Stadco organisation, ensuring a seamless flow of scrap and waste streams. We have dedicated vehicles on site, as well as a reserve fleet available to provide replacements or, more frequently, extra support in the event of additional demand.

Our senior business team is hands-on with high-level business reviews held monthly on site to review performance and identify areas for improvement in efficiency. In addition our client has twenty-four hour access to all Board members in the unlikely event of a need for escalation.