Demolition & Construction

Metal & Waste Recycling has many years’ experience of working with the Demolition industry. We work closely with the demolition contractors from origination to completion of the project.

Demolition Contractors

We have the necessary skills, experience and equipment to work safely with the demolition contractors to efficiently recover metals from the site and to deliver best value. Metal & Waste are members of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC).

One of our regular contractors has worked with Metal & Waste for over 20 years. Our commercial team regularly meet with the demolition contractor on site prior to the bid for the demolition contract to assess the available metals and likely revenues. When the project begins, our fleet of lorries are specially equipped to enable them to enter safely onto demolition sites and they are equipped with weigh-loaders to report the tonnage collected and ensure optimal loading. For longer running projects, we can install a weighbridge on site for further security and transparency.

Our membership of the NFDC demonstrates our commitment to the industry and our understanding of the industry’s specialist needs. For example, we are able to meet all the requirements set down by the atomic authorities for the removal and disposal of scrap metal arising from the demolition of nuclear power stations.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in this industry enables Metal & Waste to add value to demolition projects by providing an efficient service and maximising the value of metals recovered.