Manufacturing & Packaging

Metal & Waste Recycling has a detailed understanding and experience of managing metal arisings and waste streams of manufacturing businesses.

Manufacturing and Packaging

We work with many businesses to efficiently remove metals from production lines to ensure continued efficient production and we seek to maximise value from the metals recovered.

Metal & Waste have been working with Robert Bosch Limited for over 10 years where we provide a total waste management service. We have employees on site at Bosch managing the efficient clearance of paper, plastics, WEE alongside managing the metal arisings.   We have been successful in increasing recycling of materials to reduce waste to landfill.

The key requirement at Bosch is to provide an efficient and reliable service to ensure the operation runs smoothly and production is not adversely impacted by waste management. Onsite management has enabled us to integrate waste management processes with the needs of the operation to ensure an effective service. We seek to add value to manufacturing businesses by proper segregation and management of materials to maximise value of recovery.