Our cable granulation plant at our head office site in Edmonton, London has the latest technology to enable us to produce a superior grade copper and achieve the best value out of recycled cable. The facility is capable of processing in excess of 10 tonnes per hour and we are able to handle cables of all different types and grades.

British Telecom

In 2008 we were approached by one of BT’s major subcontractors to see how we could help recycle 20 tonnes per month of redundant cable. This was new material for us but with our can-do attitude and our innovative, tailored approach we grew this opportunity to process over 40,000 tonnes per annum at its peak. The project contributed strongly to BT’s operations and to its recycling aims.

At Metal & Waste we put in place a dedicated processing infrastructure to meet BT’s specific business needs. For example we introduced ‘pop-up sites’ – temporary site locations close to major sources of raw material, manned and operated for short periods until all the area’s cables had been extracted. These sites, often operating 24/7, enabled BT to recover significantly higher volumes of cable and provided substantial savings on operational and distribution costs for BT.

Where the previously redundancy plastic sheath of the cable was costly to discard, we devised a new disposal route for this material by sourcing new markets.

To support this project, we invested £1.5m to enhance our permanent infrastructure at the Edmonton site, including the purchase of new plant and an innovative warehouse operation, as well as the recruitment and training of 50 staff operating under industry leading health and safety processes.