Metal & Waste operates to the highest standards and is fully compliant with Environmental and local licensing requirements for all our operations. The company maintains ISO 14001 Environmental certification.

Environment and Sustainability Objectives

Metal & Waste Recycling is a local company with a global reach, working in international markets for the sustainable recycling of primary metals. We operate globally and think locally. Our high volume metal management sites have a localised environmental impact and the high quality recovered metals are traded globally.

As a specialist company that is a key part of driving new Circular Economy Business Models we are committed to reducing our potential environmental impacts in our local communities and working with international companies and supply chains to drive resource efficient business models that reduce the life cycle impacts of new products by using secondary metal resources.

Our recycling activities help reduce the environmental impact of using metals in our economy.  For example, each tonne of scrap steel recycled saves 1.9 tonnes of iron ore and 0.6 tonnes of coal (source: EEF).  In addition, EU figures indicate that using recycled scrap steel to make new steel reduces:

  • Air pollution by 86%
  • Water consumption by 40%
  • Water pollution by 76%

The BMRA (British Metals Recycling Association) also states that:

  • Copper scrap is readily used by both primary and secondary producers making up around 75-80% of the raw material
  • Aluminium production using raw materials requires temperatures of around 900°C while scrap or secondary aluminium melts at around 660°C

Using recycled materials, including metals, reduces CO₂ emissions by some 200 million tonnes every year (EU data).

Our recycling services can help your company achieve significant offsets in carbon production through the recovery of secondary metals from your processes. Our detailed tracking of waste types, volumes, fleet movements and our processing plant energy efficiency can provide the data and metrics required to calculate the life cycle carbon budget for your metal recycling, with us, from cradle to grave.

End of Waste Regulations

Metal & Waste Recycling is one of the first metal recycling companies to be certified to the End of Waste Regulations ((EU) No. 333/2011 (Iron, Steel and Aluminium scrap)). We have the quality management and IT systems necessary to identify when certain materials have ceased to be waste and have become a product, or a secondary raw materials. This can significantly reduce our suppliers’ costs of managing and handling production arisings and waste, and reduce the allocated waste percentage reported to the Environmental Agency. Experience in the UK suggests that businesses across a range of industries can save substantial costs by employing waste minimisation techniques.

Our Environmental Performance

To ensure the company meets and exceeds its sustainable business objectives we are certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard. You can read our environmental policy here (link to Environment Policy).

Environmental Management

Achieving industry leading standards of metal recycling is only part of our business model. We recognise the need to continually improve the life cycle impacts of our metal collection and processing business by:

Active Fleet Management

To ensure our fleet operates to the highest standards of efficiency and pollution control we operate a modern, fuel efficient fleet and monitor our performance and safety with on board telematics. We seek to continually improve the fuel efficiency of our fleet operations.

Driving Energy Efficiency and mitigating Climate Change

The processing of metals for final recovery can be quite energy intensive. We are committed to manage the carbon emission related to our activities and have a programme of energy efficiency audits that meets the requirements of ESOS and provides key data for CRC Reporting and compliance.


Better Resource Management

We seek continuous improvement in the percentage of vehicles recovered and Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment processed at our specialist metal recovery centre. We have invested over £1.5m in new equipment to increase recovery and we believe we are achieving some of the best recovery rates in the industry and are sending less than 1% of our processed throughput for final disposal.

Stakeholder Engagement

We recognise that our operations are part of wider community and we seek to work with national regulators, local and police authorities and local residents to ensure we are considerate and good neighbours.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard


Downloads of our relevant policies are available below, if you would like to discuss these further or would like to know anything more please do get in touch.