Quality Management

It is the Policy of Metal & Waste Recycling to provide industrial waste collection, disposal and recycling services which fully comply with Customer requirements and conform to standards recognised within the industry as outstanding.

Quality Management

To ensure we get the best value for our customers from supplied metal materials we work hard to provide quality products at established industry grades to the full range of available international markets. Our efforts to manage quality and recognise the importance of high quality recycling for our customers is recognised by our long standing accreditation to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

You can read our Quality Policy statement here (Quality Policy statement) and we welcome your feedback (Link to customer feedback form) at all times.

Delivering High Quality Recycling

Are processing techniques and technologies can meet the requirements EC Regulations to class post processed material as production grade material. To achieve these exacting standards we operate:

  • Radiation detectors at all major sites
  • Documented procedures to sort and segregate material inputs
  • Sampling and monitoring programmes for processes and outputs
  • Customer feedback and supplier audits

Our quality management system can provide a complete Chain of Custody and Certificates of Destruction for sensitive materials.


ISO 9001 quality standard


Downloads of our relevant policies are available below, if you would like to discuss these further or would like to know anything more please do get in touch.