With decades of experience with secure disposal we are confident in our ability to deliver the most secure and reliable services


  • We recognise our corporate responsibility to provide a safe and secure environment for our employees, contractors and visitors to our sites.
  • Where appropriate we will seek any necessary expert advice to determine the security risks and precautions required to deal with them.
  • We will provide employees with enough resources, information and training to implement the security procedures.
  • We will, where appropriate, be informed of any breaches of this policy to enable us to take corrective action as necessary to ensure the safety of all employees, contractors and visitors on site.

Children on site;

  • No children under the age of 16 are allowed on any sites without prior written consent.

Controlled access and egress;

  • Controlled access is a combination of measures to ensure that unauthorised persons do not present an unacceptable risk on site.
  • We will take all reasonable efforts to restrict access to the buildings and yards to prevent unauthorised access by trespassers.
  • The extent of physical controls, such as fences, razor wire etc. has been decided by a robust assessment of the likelihood of trespassers presenting a risk and the reasonableness of the control measures needed to reduce this risk.

Physical security measures;

  • Our sites use physical measures such as fencing, electronic access controls, CCTV and security guards to ensure the safety of their employees. The Board of Directors will review the provision of physical security measures on a regular basis.
  • Where electronic controls are installed, for example alarm systems, they will be maintained as recommended by the manufacturer.

Locking Arrangements;

  • The Security Guard or Yard Manager will ensure the site is opened and closed at the appropriate times in keeping with the site licence.


  • The CCTV system is in operation for the sites security. We will consider installing further CCTV systems where justified by consideration of the risk. Signage informs people of where CCTV is in operation.

Cash Handling;

  • Office staff should avoid keeping large amounts of loose cash on the premises whenever possible. Safes are used and kept locked. Staff should avoid handling cash in visible areas; any money requiring banking should be done at irregular times.

Valuable Equipment;

  • All items of value will be marked accordingly and their location / monetary value recorded, for example IT equipment.

Personal Property;

  • Personal property will remain the responsibility of its owner. This includes employees, contractors and visitor’s property, for example vehicles, equipment, laptops, etc.
  • The employees are reminded it is their responsibility to try and avoid confrontation, assaults and theft of personal belongings.


Please contact us for any information you require on our security measures


Downloads of our relevant policies are available below, if you would like to discuss these further or would like to know anything more please do get in touch.