As one of the leading companies in the UK metal recycling industry we expect to process in excess of 750,000 tonnes of ferrous metals in the current year. The company prides itself in producing highest grade secondary raw materials that meet both national and international specifications.

Steelworks Grades

We operate a number of large shears, balers and a mega-shredder to produce all steelworks grades including 4A and 4C Bales, O/A and demolition, No.1 and No.2 scrap, shredded, cast, turnings and Cast Iron Borings.

Foundry Grades

We operate balers, shears and cutting equipment suitable for producing foundry grade size material, in addition to special low residual punching and short steel grades. We are located across the UK, so there is a supply source local to most industrial users.

  • New production, low residual bales
  • New production punchings
  • HMS 1&2
  • Plate and Girder / O/A
  • Shredded Scrap
  • Steel Turnings
  • Cast Iron
  • Cast Iron Borings
  • 12A
  • 12C
  • Short Profile
  • Short constructional

Guide to Ferrous Metal Grades

12C Cutting
HMS 1 & 2 80/20 (Includes 2/5 tonne of OA)
Broken Cast 3FT
3B Commerical Shredded
4A 24 Inch (Up to 250 Kilos)
4A 16 Inch (Up to 150 kilos)
Cast Iron Borings
Tin Can Bales
7B Steel Turnings
4C Bales (Up to 500 Kilos)
Automotive Bales (Up to 200 Kilos)

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