Metal & Waste Recycling expect to process in excess of 100,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals annually, producing a high grade secondary raw material that exceeds national and international specifications.

A full range of non-ferrous grades are produced and can be loaded into container, or delivered on pallets, in stillages or loose as required including:

  • Aluminium (Turnings, Radiators, Extrusion, Wheels, Cuttings, Litho, Old Rolled, Shredded Old Rolled, Cans)
  • Brass (Rod Swarf, Mixed)
  • Copper (Radiators, Wire, Tanks, Heavy)
  • Cast Aluminium
  • Electric Motors
  • Miscellaneous Cable
  • Zorba
  • Shredded Armatures
  • Shredded Cable

Guide to Non-Ferrous Metal Grades

Copper granules
Dry bright wire
New copper tube
Copper turnings
Stainless steel
Loose old rolled
Ali turnings
Aluminium cuts
Aluminium wheels
Cast Aluminium

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