Non-Metal Waste

We recycle a wide range of non-metal waste types, resulting in clean, sorted, processed secondary raw material for use in the manufacture of new goods.

Cardboard and Paper Recycling

As part of a one stop shop approach to recycling, alongside you metal arisings Metal & Waste can deal with your cardboard and paper recycling needs. We identify and sort your material into different grades to identify the best market and recycling route. In our Midlands operations we have the facility to bale materials for onward sale to cardboard recyclers.

Grade Description

Group 1 Unprinted wood free (high grade)
Group 2 Unprinted wood free (low grade)
Group 3 Mechanical
Group 4 Coloured wood free
Group 5 & 6 Newspapers, magazines
Group 7 New KLS and unused Krafts
Group 8 Used Kraft & OCC
Group 9 Mixed and coloured card 

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