Non-Metal Recycling

As part of a one-stop-shop approach to recycling, alongside your metal arisings Metal & Waste can also manage your non-metal recycling needs. We have facilities to sort and segregate different material types and identify the most effective recycling or disposal route.

Key Non-Metal Recycling Grades

Paper and Cardboard

In our Midlands operation we have the facilities to sort and bale your paper and cardboard, for onward sale to cardboard recyclers.

Plastics Plastics can be sorted to different grades, for onward sale to recyclers. Plastics recycling has huge benefits to the environment and can contribute significantly to suppliers’ environmental recycling targets.


Waste wood can be used for fuel, reusable pallets, packaging and livestock bedding.


Glass makes up a large component of household and industrial waste due to its weight and density. Every tonne of waste recycled into new produce saves 315kg of carbon dioxide.

Other Streams:

We are able to find solutions for the disposals of most materials as part of a one-stop-shop service. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements using the link below.

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