Non-Metal Waste

As one of the leading companies in the UK metal recycling industry we expect to process in excess of 750,000 tonnes of ferrous metals in the current year. The company prides itself in producing highest grade secondary raw materials that meet both national and international specifications.

Wood Recycling

As part of a one stop shop approach to recycling, alongside your metal arisings Metal & Waste can deal with your plastic waste arisings in many different ways. We identify and sort your waste wood into each individual grade either for reprocessing, reuse or recycling.

It is estimated that 1.6 billion cu metre of wood is harvested each year world wide, 50 million tonnes of this is used in the UK annually. Your waste wood can be used in the following ways:

Horse, poultry and cattle bedding, equestrian surfaces, wood chip for fuel re-usable pallets and packaging.

Once identified your material can then be given the best route for reprocessing available. This will be based on both an economic and environmental policy that suits your company policy.

For free quotation and waste management guidance in how to deal with your waste arisings please visit our contact page.

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